Be a Morning Person

I understand that very few Haarlemindividuals out there are morning people.  Even if that is the case, I urge you to become one on your travels.  When I recount my favorite travel memories, so many have taken place in the early morning, before the tourists have been dumped off their ships, buses, or whatever vessels they arrive on.  One of my favorite examples is my recent stroll in Haarlem, Netherlands last summer.

If you look at my pictures, you might be able to pull out the reasoning behind my infatuation with the morning.  First, take in the light.  It is gentle and accents every object it touches.  Second, gaze up at the sky.  I find some of the most complementing clouds during this time.  Third, observe that water.  It is still with precise reflections.  Finally, do you see any people polluting my shots?  The only people out at this time were the locals.  They were taking a peaceful canoe ride, or riding on their bikes in their formal dress attire.  These are the types of compositions I want to design while traveling.

Set your alarm clock early, fix some coffee, and start your day.  The experiences may be the only motivation you need to change your habits.


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