Midnight Dip in the Mediterranean

Last year I took a memoir writing class forClear-Water fun.  During our course, we had the opportunity to participate in a 91 word memoir contest.  I didn’t win, but writing this piece allowed me to really focus on what made a particular moment so great.  Now when I read my 91 words I go back instantly.  What would your 91 words say?  Here are mine:

Was it the abundant wine, late hour, or vast sea that made us abandon care?  We surrendered versions of ourselves that rarely escape.  Some removed constricting clothing.  Others seemed forgetful after wandering in with money belts still on.  We embraced the opportunity to be liberated.

Sounds of simple pleasures filled our little piece of the beach.  Laughing, conversations, and the splash, splash of the skipping stones (or sometimes plunk) teased our ears.  Some people drifted off to sea, while others got to know hidden fragments of new friends.  Life is good.

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