Paris 2013-Going Solo

The ThinkerEagerness has been crawling through my veins lately.  In 47 days (not that I am counting) I leave for Paris.  I will be spending a week with my aunts in the Canal Saint Martin area, then I will be on my own for a month in the Rue Montorguiel area.  This will be the 5th time I have returned to Paris, and the goal is to slow down.

Paris is so condensed with great sights to see.  Every time I visit, I consume metro tickets like the French consume bread.  I just want to see it all.  This time I will see what I never have enough time to take in: French life.  I will park myself at cafes.  I will flâner through neighborhoods I’ve never visited.  I will be French.

Periodically I will escape the city to explore other areas.  One day trip will take me to Rouen.  I also plan on taking the high speed train to Strasbourg to take in some Alsatian life.  One of the trips I am most excited about takes me to Bruges, Belgium.  I will stay there for one night at a bed and breakfast.

During my trip, I will be documenting and sharing my adventures on this blog.  I hope you will join me as I provide advice on sights to see, my own personal experiences, and general travel tips.

–Have some advice for my trip?  I’d love to hear it!–

7 thoughts on “Paris 2013-Going Solo

  1. Found your website through Rick Steves’ sight. Great scrapbook. Paris is one of my favorite cities, too. Five times for me. I agree with slowing down the pace. Paris is a city to be felt deep in your soul. It is Italy for me this year. Another RS tour. Villages of Italy this year. Will be seeing some places I have been to before and some new towns. Cinque Terre is one of the reasons I choose this tour. Never been and it was on my wishlist.
    I have done tours but I also have traveled by myself. I will enjoy following you on your travels.

    1. Thank you for visiting my site! I love Italy as well. I’m hoping to spend some more time in the Cinque Terre next year. It is a calming place. I felt so full of life when I left. I hope you get to do some hiking when you go. My friends and I hiked from Monterosso to Vernazza, took the train from Vernazza to Corniglia, then to Manarola, then we hiked to Riomaggiore, and finally took the boat back to Monterosso. I highly recommend all forms of transportation since they each offer a different perspective. Be on the lookout for night concerts in the old town of Monterosso. That was a special treat. I crave the pesto and fresh seafood… I think you will enjoy yourself :).

  2. I recommend visiting as many markets as you can. The book Markets of Paris by Long and Williams is great. Also search the net for markets of Paris for the days and locations os all markets. I love buying fresh fruit snd cheese and having a picnic in a park at lunch. Many Parisiennes buy a baguette sandwich and eat their lunch in snall parks; it was great to lunch alongside them. Enjoy! Paris is my favorite place in the world.

    1. I agree with you. I think markets are a great way to delve into a place. That is why I decided to stay in the Rue Montorgruiel area. I’ll have to check out the book markets. I always stop at the book stalls by the Seine, but I’d like to see more (maybe I can work on my French). Where is your favorite place in the city, if you had to pick just one?

      1. My favourite part of the city is the 7th arrondissement, as I am in LOVE with the Eiffel Tower. I have to see it close up at least once a day! I love the Christian Constant restaurants, one of them is called Constant. The Saxe-Breteuil market is close to that area, as is the Grenelle marche. The Edgar Quintet arts and crafts market, le marche de la creation Edgar Quinet is every Sunday, fantastic art of all types. The President Wilson market is cool too. I am wishing I was in Paris right now.

      2. I have become more and more in love with the Eiffel Tower over the years. I love it so much that I am thinking about adding it as a tattoo under a moon that I have on my shoulder.

        Thank you for the advice on the restaurants and markets. I’ve got some time to check things out, so I’ll have to go and see!

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