Photos of Churches

I’m not a regular visitor of churches at home, but that all changes when I travel.  This summer I plan to broaden my perspective by visiting a mosque and synagogue.  For now, here are some churches.

2 thoughts on “Photos of Churches

  1. The churches offer the best architecture and art. I usually don’t hang out in churches but when I am overseas I certainly do! I sat in Westminster Abbey at Christmas time listening to the choir practice for Xmas. It was awesome! Notre Dame on a crisp clear Parisian day…priceless. San Chapel..jewel box. Church bells on a beautiful cool October Sunday at Boboli gardens overlooking Florence eating olives, bread and cheese from Mercato Centrale….please take me there now!!

    1. I love Notre Dame. I feel something there that few other places can offer. And I agree about the bells. After returning home, I miss those more than one might expect.

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