Old Town Chicago

The GirlsI live about 30 miles west of Chicago, yet I barely know anything about it.  Sure there was a great fire caused by Mrs. O’Leary’s cow (as legend states), and Al Capone fought the law during the prohibition era, but there is so much more.  In an effort to expand my knowledge of the third largest city in the United States, I decided to sign up for a free tour.

Rosemary is a spunky lady loaded with ideas for places to see.  We took the bus up to Old Town to check out the architecture, history, and restaurants.  I have made the mistake of trying to visit multiple neighborhoods when I come into the city.  I’m starting to realize that a better approach is to pick a neighborhood and explore.  We had some difficulties after Rosemary left, but we eventually got back on track.

I still feel like there is a lot that I haven’t seen, but at least I have some ideas for what to do next. The benefit of taking a tour through a city’s visitor center is that it creates a launch for what to see and do.  We only spent about 2 hours together, but now I have a list of places to scout out.  If you are considering a visit to the Windy City, here are some places to consider if you want to move beyond the loop and the museum campus:

Rosemary Recommends:

Chicago History Museum

Old Town



Lincoln Square


-The Devil and the White City

Fun Facts

-One of the parks near Lincoln Park used to contain a civil war cemetery.  They dug up the remains to move them to another location.  Occasionally they still find bones today.

-Michigan Avenue used to run right along Lake Michigan (hence the name).

-Early residents were Anglo American, Irish, and German.

-Remnants of the great fire can still be found in the city today.


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