Beaune, France

Wine-Tasting-2Beaune is a great home base if you want to stay in the Burgundy region.  With a mixture of history, food, wine, and night art, you can keep yourself busy or relax.  Here are some things to do in Beaune.

Hotel Dieu

Not actually a hotel, but a former hospital.  Beaune was hit hard by the Hundred Years War and the plague.  Those that came through these doors most likely did not leave.  The hospice was funded by the chancellor as a form of redemption.

Notre Dame

The church is free to enter, and a quiet oasis for thought and prayer.  I love the gray scale stained glass.

Night Art

As the sun goes down, lights are displayed on the buildings of Beaune.  Some are elegant while others are playful.  One of my favorites was a cat climbing a tower.

Wine Tasting

Burgundy is famous for their wine, so visiting a cave is a must.  We sipped below ground at Bouchard Aine & Fils.  The cellar was an experience for the senses because each one was engaged.  The various rooms focus on the descriptions of wine.  Aromas, textures, and tastes are all elements of the wine, and learning more about how the wine is described is an educational experience.  Tasting the wine is also pretty fantastic.


Beaune is a walkable city with cute shops and markets.

Explore by Bike or Foot

The city is surrounded by ramparts.  For an elevated view of the city, walk the wall.  There is also a ring road great for biking.  Perhaps you could even take a bike ride out to the vineyards.


There are many famous dishes attributed to Beaune.  Savor the escargot as you dip your bread in the garlic, buttery pockets.  If you are looking for a hearty meal, order the beouf bourguignon.  Don’t forget to end your main course with a cheese plate.  The French sure know how to live.

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      1. Autocorrect always gets me in trouble. The featured picture is the tiled roof of the Hotel Dieu. Sorry I forgot to add it in the gallery, but it is there now! I love the unique look of the roof.

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