Monet’s Home in Giverny

Europe 2011 1433If you have any interest in Monet or his paintings, you should visit his home.  Walking through the gate is like walking into one of Monet’s paintings.  You see the green bridge in the distance with wisteria hanging.  The lilies float on the water and grab the light, just like in his paintings.  If you have any interest in flowers, this is probably one of the best kept gardens I have ever seen.

The only downside to visiting Giverny is all of the other people that want to see it also.  Luckily, the gardens expand over a decent-sized area, so you can find corners of the garden without people.  I think it is one of the most beautiful escapes from Paris.

To get to Giverny you can drive, take a train then bus/bike, or go on a tour.  We went on a tour because it was easy and efficient.  We didn’t have to wait in line, and we got a little background knowledge before arriving.  Walk in the footsteps of Monet as you hear the rooster crowing in the background.  If you have a half day available, I recommend a trip out to Giverny.  Especially if you can also see L’Orangerie.

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