Haarlem, Netherlands

HaarlemWhen I first arrived in Haarlem last summer I wondered if I was the only one that had survived the apocalypse.  I came in through the train station and there was no one around.  I reached some civilization in the main square where the remains of a book market were closing up.  Where was everyone?

The weather was nasty, so I retreated to my hotel.  I know you aren’t supposed to take a nap your first day abroad, but I had to.  Of course I paid for it later that night.  After awaking later in the afternoon, the sun had come out and so did the people.  They stayed out and partied into the night.

Haarlem is a great place to stay in the Netherlands, especially if you want to visit Amsterdam, but don’t want to stay there.  Just a short and scenic train ride away, Haarlem is a beautiful town worth investigating.  I fell in love with the town an early morning before departing.  The light accented every color, and the still water reflected that beauty.

I’ll be adding more about Haarlem soon.  Check out the photos to see if it looks like a place you’d like to see.  I’d love to hear your experiences if you’ve visited Haarlem.

3 thoughts on “Haarlem, Netherlands

  1. Thank you Melissa, I am having such a great time looking back to our travels through your pictures. My first time abroad was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Beginning the journey in Haarlem was icing on the cake. It was the perfect place to acclimate ourselves. I wish you a spectacular time in Paris but I admit to being a bit jealous. SHELLI

    1. I’m so happy you are enjoying the memories. I wish I had new pictures to show of the places we’ve been. I definitely want to return. I’ll be taking another Rick Steves’ tour next year if you are interested in traveling again :). Don’t forget you can always join me in Paris. I have room :).

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