Creating Black and White Photos with a Pop of Color

Morning BacharachCreating an image with a pop of color is actually a lot simpler than you may think.  I am using Adobe Photoshop 10, but I believe this works in versions 7 and up.  Here is how you achieve it.

1. Select a photo with color that will pop from the black and white.  Look at sample images to get an idea for what photos will work well.

2. Once you have opened the file, select the smart brush tool from the toolbar.  At the top you will see a menu where you can change the width of the brush and the desired effect.  To achieve this look, make sure select “Reverse Black-White Photo.”

screenshot3. Now, use your mouse to click and drag over the areas that you want to be black and white.  If it is doing the opposite of what you want, the “inverse” checkbox must be checked in that menu up above.  Unclick it if you want the opposite to happen.  This feature does a fairly nice job finding the lines.

4. If you notice the edges are not perfect or it dabbled into an area you want color, we can fix it.  Now we are going to use the paintbrush tool.  Once again, select the size you want.  It may be helpful to zoom in on your picture to really work on the details.

5. On the left toolbar you will see two color swatches at the bottom (one black, and one white).  If it is on black, then the color will be reapplied.  If you switch it to the white by clicking the little arrows next to it, then black and white will be applied.  Perfect your image, and tada!

Have fun and let me know if you have questions or comments!  If you’ve got any photos of your own, be sure to share the link.

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