Arnhem Open Air Museum

Arnhem3If the name Arnhem sounds familiar to you, it may not be for the Open Air Museum, but the historical reference.  The Battle of Arnhem was fought in the second world war.  Today’s focus will be on the museum.

The museum provides a glimpse of pre-industrial Dutch life.  You walk through history as you see the typical homes, trades, and gardens of the time and place.  We had an organized lunch of Dutch pancakes.  They offered several flavors of sweet and savory, and I think I can say I’ve had my fill of pancakes for awhile.

Visiting the Open Air Museum is like visiting living history.  It is similar to Williamsburg back home.  I enjoyed watching the animals and walking past the enormous wind mills.  During our visit, a few of us made our way to the brewery before returning back to the bus.  I am not a beer drinker, but of course I had to do the tasting. If you are driving through the area, take a break from the road and dive into the Dutch culture.

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