Passages of Paris

Galleries-Viviene-1Paris can be beautiful in the rain, but sometimes we all need a little escape.  The passages of Paris were made just for this reason.  Women in their rotund hoop skirts would stroll past shops under the protection of glass.  Some are higher end, while others are more affordable.  Even if you don’t plan on shopping, walk through to imagine what early shopping malls were like.  There are many more passages, but here are some that I visited.  Use the map as a guide for visiting:

-Galeries Viviene

-Galerie Colbert

-Passage des Panoramas

-Passage Jouffroy

-Gallopin Brasserie for Lunch

9 thoughts on “Passages of Paris

  1. Les Passages make for a great day out. Vivienne is stunning, but where is the Gallopin Brasserie? I must go there for lunch – your foodie photos look amazing!
    Jude xx

      1. To be honest I have no idea and that’s frightening me since I’m used to have it all planned, always! But since I’ll be meeting my friend for few days and I’m waiting for her plan so I can see what will we be seeing together, so I could plan what to visit on the days when I’m alone. But whenever I take my guide and try to plan it, I just feel like banging my head against the wall because I have just 5 days and Paris is huge but I also wanna enjoy it not just running around like a crazy tourist 😛

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