Photography Portfolio

PortfolioI’ve been trying to decide whether or not I want to pay for a professional service to print my photos for customers, and I have decided the investment will be worth it.  I have seen the quality in the prints and shipping methods to know that if people like my photos and want to purchase them, then this company is the way to go.

I am only able to upload recent photos for now, but if you like my photos, please check out my portfolio.  I will be uploading past photos when I return home.  I receive a small profit from the company (just a few dollars), but it excites me to think that people like my photos enough to bring them into their homes.  I appreciate any support, and hope you will take a peek.

Thank you to all of you that read, like, and comment on my posts.  This teacher feels at home in her global-reaching classroom.  I hope you are traveling soon.

5 thoughts on “Photography Portfolio

    1. I wish I could run a classroom this way all the time (except maybe have some in-person field trips along the way and visit more destinations). My aunt suggested I teach a travel class online to get started. It is definitely something I am mulling over. If only travel were free…Then I could really share some adventures.

  1. That is a worthwhile idea. You have stiff competition with Rick Steeves.
    You might also write a book. You are well on your way with all the great postings.
    I am reminded of Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray and Love).
    Describing all the intricate feelings and surprises, disappointments, as you are traveling could be very interesting.
    Peppering the whole thing with historical facts could attract a lot of people.
    Naturally, your pictures would also be a great asset.
    Good luck with your reflections. You are still very young and have a wonderful future ahead of you.

    1. I’ve been thinking about writing a book for about 15 years. Ever since my creative writing class in high school I have been hooked. My writing is improving, but I have a lot of polishing to do before I truly do something about it. I’ve always wanted to do a photo journal as well (kind of like a coffee table book). There are endless possibilities out there, I just have to figure out which one I want to pursue. I am enjoying this path along the way. Thank you for encouraging me, and being such a wonderful supporter. Although we’ve never met, I feel like we already have a connection.

      1. You are indeed on the right path, I am sure. Will enjoy following your endeavours along the way.

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