22Flâneur is a French noun which means something along the lines of strolling.  It is probably my aunt Linda’s favorite French word.  The Italians have a similar word that applies to the evening stroll: Passeggiata.  There is something inviting about walking without a specific destination in mind.  Here you can see my captures from being a flâneur.  I started at my home in the Marais and followed the Seine to the Eiffel Tower.  As you can see, my photos are backwards…

13 thoughts on “Flâneur

  1. When we travel and are not planning a hike, we say we “potter around”. Same idea – pottering is having no fixed agenda and enjoying the moments as they pass by.

  2. Love the pictures of the Eiffel Tower. Close up or at a distance, it is an amazing structure. Glad they didn’t tear it down as planned.

  3. I really like your picture of the bookstore! For me, a good wander in a new city always involves stopping in bookstores and getting lost–something that is fitting given you have no particular destination in mind. Lovely pictures as always!

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