Marche Aux Puces

Marche6No, I did not just call you a bad name.  Marche aux puces translates to flea market in English.  There are several across Paris, but one of the largest in Europe can be found at Porte de Clignancourt in St. Ouen.  St. Ouen is on the outskirts of Paris, and a little rougher around the edges than the city center.

I’d visited the flea market a couple of times in the past, but I thought I’d return to get some gifts for friends and family.  What I didn’t realize is that I only peaked into the market in the past.  I had no idea of the passageways and maze of little dealers.

After rising form the metro, you can see some white tents in the distance.  If you walk that way, you will find cheap items such as jewelry, clothing, and every souvenir imaginable.  This is the only area I’ve really explored before.  I read that if you continue past that to Rue des Rosiers, you can find the antique dealers on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays.

Rue des Rosiers?  That sounds familiar.  I’m pretty sure we tried looking for falafel one time in this area, but were unsuccessful considering the Rue des Rosiers that has falafel is in the Marais.

Once on this street, you will see signs for passages.  They all have different themes and price ranges.  The first one I entered, Vernaison, was my favorite because it was like the best garage sale: interesting items for affordable prices.  The next was elegant and beyond my budget.  Unfortunately, I had to leave early, so I didn’t get to see a couple of things I wanted to show on here, but at least you get the idea.

5 thoughts on “Marche Aux Puces

  1. Is this the flea market we visited when Valerie went with us to Paris? I remember briefly exploring some of the antique stores, but most prices were way beyond my pocketbook.

  2. I am so excited. I just went to the photo section and ordered two collages, one of Paris and one of Brugge! My birthday is in 6 weeks, so matting and framing would be a perfect gift from my family.

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