The Magic of Lightroom

I know I’ve been a major fan of HDR on here but I have a new favorite slipping in: Adobe Lightroom.  Although I love photography, I can be a little slow to catch onto what is the latest rage.  I plan on sharing a lot more on here about before and afters along with how-tos, but I just wanted to show what a couple minutes of work can do to a photo.  Most of the pros are using it, and I understand why now.  Have you given it a try?  They offer a free trial if you want to give it a go!  Check out what it can do.


3 thoughts on “The Magic of Lightroom

  1. Nice! Too lazy and cheap to use that kind of software LOL = part of the reason I got a Sony Alpha series with in camera multiframe HDR and in camera multiframe Dynamic Range capability. I think Canon and Nikon have since also come out with similar setting options. These features are especially useful in urban settings when part of a street scene is in shadow. Loved the results I got in Tuscan hill towns where you can see the detail in the stone in shadow without blowing out the sky.

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