Updated Portfolio

TulipsIf you’ve been enjoying my photography, I have a home specifically dedicated to it on my portfolio.  I’ve received an overwhelmingly positive response on my captured images which is very motivating and encouraging me to do something with them.  Here is what you will find on my portfolio:

Best of the Best

I’ve featured only what I consider to be the very best images.  Sometimes I will show pictures on my blog to help explain something, but the actual artistic qualities are lacking.  You will find only fine art photography in my online portfolio.  Grab a glass of champagne (or your favorite beverage), some cheeses and peruse the online gallery.  You don’t even have to dress up!  I’d love to know what you think about my photos.  Please feel free to comment.

High Quality Products at a Reasonable Price

Those that have ordered photos have been extremely pleased with the quality of the images, printing, and shipping.  There are a variety of products available to entice you.  Of course you’ve got your basic prints like the 8×10 for only 6$!  Try finding that kind of deal at an art fair.  Besides prints of all sizes, there are also collages, digital prints, and souvenirs.

Two new products you can fiPortfolio Imagend in the price list are the packages and digital prints.  Perhaps you have always wanted to create a gallery wall.  My gallery wall package is a great deal for creating that unique look.  If you are really looking for a hassle free option, I even included a framed gallery wall package.  The price is a bit high, but everything is done for you.  All the frames will be a perfect fit, the photos are already framed, and you will find the consistency necessary for an immaculate wall.  The digital prints are a great option for desktop backgrounds, self-printing, or other unique projects.

Other Photography News

FacebookBesides updating my portfolio, I am also starting a Facebook page for those interested in looking at images along with sharing them.  I will post helpful tips weekly on composition, lighting, software, and equipment (without being too technical).  Ideally, I would like it to be an artistic community that is full of conversations about capturing the moment in a photo.  Please like the page if you are on Facebook.

All this talk about photography makes me want to get out there and explore.

2 thoughts on “Updated Portfolio

  1. I purchased two collages, one from Paris and one from Brugge. Both are beautiful and it was fun to select he pictures and the placement of each photo in the collage. Not only will these be a wonderful addition to my home, but a a cherished reminder of the trip we took.

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