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Cafe Hugo 1While taking up space at the Victor Hugo Cafe in the Place des Vosges square, I came up with an idea for a mini-guidebook series about Paris.  Yes, I realize there are probably more guidebooks available on Paris than the number of people that live in my hometown, but I think there is always room for a unique perspective.

When I think about visiting sights in Paris, I think of the metro.  It is a convenient, mostly reliable, and affordable way to get around the city.  I noticed while planning my itinerary I searched for sights near a specific metro.  What if there was a guidebook that gave you the top 10 metro stops with the best sights within a kilometer from the station?  Sure there are books broken down by arrondissements, but they can be very large.  This would make the best use of your time and metro tickets.

So each Sunday I will be featuring a post about a metro stop with a list of places to see.  Perhaps I can turn this into an ebook once I have it all compiled and properly edited…

Cafe Hugo 3Here are the tentative top ten metro stops I have selected.  Let me know if you have a different suggestion:

1. Saint Paul

2. Cite

3. Palais Royal/Musee de Louvre

4. Abbesses

5. École Militaire

6. Saint Sulpice

7. République

8. Opéra

9. Charles de Gaulle -Etoile

10. Place Monge

P.S. This idea is copyrighted, so don’t steal it :).

9 thoughts on “Coming to a Blog Near You

  1. Great idea! I don’t want to steal it, but just had a thought…youtubers often create tags and have many people upload videos on a certain topic. Maybe something similar could be established in the travel blogger “world”? (Maybe it does and I don’t know :-)) For example, different people could write about metro stops/sights in different cities and always refer to each other – like this we increase exposure for everyone. I have for example ideas for metro stops and sights in Brussels on my mind. What do you think?

    1. I like that idea, but I don’t know any other way than by sharing links on each others’ blogs. I’d also like to do it for Venice and Chicago someday. I’d love some suggestions for how to improve my format for the first one if you have some ideas. Let me know if you start working on one for Brussels. Maybe we can call out to others if this is something we’d like to link together on.

      1. I really like what you did in the first post! Maybe it is possible to add notes in the google map, so that people know what is where (or maybe I am not tech-savvy enough to see them :-/). I also like the idea (mentioned in a comment) to propose little routes around the metro stops.
        I hope to get started on my post next weekend – Brussels has a lot smaller metro network than Paris, so I am thinking about one post covering all points of interest.
        In any case, we can also re-blog each other’s posts (plus link them) and then maybe leave a call to motivate others. Am curious to read the one you plan on Venice – was there and didn’t even notice they had a metro!!

      2. Hi Sandy,
        If you click on the placemarks, the name and information pops up about the sight. I can’t wait to see what you put together. I spent about two hours in Brussels, so I definitely don’t know much about it.
        Venice doesn’t really have a metro, but they have a vaparetto system. I think the same concepts can be applied to that.
        Perhaps, I will set my next one up similarly, but offer suggested routes as well. I love getting ideas from everyone! Make sure you let me know when you’ve created your post :).

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