Summer 2014

PortraitI saw a post on Facebook tonight that stated the largest boost in happiness comes from planning a vacation.  I am feeling it tonight because Rick Steves posted the 2014 tours on his website.  What am I so excited about?  After looking at the dates I have realized I can definitely sign up for my tour I won, and I can tag on another tour (as long as I save).  So the plan is to go to Eastern Europe this summer and also Spain.  Seven new countries!  New experiences, people, photos, sights, the excitement is endless.  Is it too early to start a countdown?  If you request a 2014 Tour Catalog, you may find someone in there you recognize ;).

Tomorrow I return to the job that brings me great happiness and allows me to travel the way I do.  Bring on the kids and learning.  I apologize for the lack in blog posts.  The kids are my priority right now, but soon I will find a balance again and bring you awesome information and photographs.

8 thoughts on “Summer 2014

  1. Planning a trip definitely lets you have something to look foward to. I’m planning Spain for summer 2014 🙂

      1. Nope, but Im going to start learning.. probably wont be fluent, but at least want conversational Spanish… I really want to challenge/torture myself and do the Camino de Santiago. 800km of walking across Spain… not sure if thats a wise move! 😛

  2. Planning a free vacation makes one even happier I would imagine. Happy enough to tack another onto it. Congratulations, and happy planning! I’ll read all about it for my Spain trip the following year I hope. 🙂

  3. That’s fantastic you get to visit Spain next year! You will fall head over heels in love. In the meantime, do well by your kids and teach em up! They’re lucky to have such an intrepid teacher!

  4. Learning Spanish is also a good way to exercise your brain and keep it young. Teaching is another way to do that. You learn so much.

  5. Planning for the next trip is always so great! Where will you be heading in Spain? There so much to see and it is such an incredible country. It’s my second home so be sure to stop by my blog or drop me a note for some Spain ideas and tips! Finally, bon courage for the new school year!

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