Paris by Metro: École Militaire

Rue Cler 2École Militaire at a Glance



Tip=This metro stop involves more walking.  The metro stops seem to be fewer and far between in the 7th.  École Militaire is the most centrally located exit for exploring this area.  Wear your walking shoes if you plan on seeing most of these sights.

Sights Within 1 Kilometer (Well, almost):


Rue Cler- 240m

American University of Paris-650m


Hôtel des Invalides– 1km


Saxe-Breteuil Market-1km


École Militaire-500m

American Library of Paris-850m

Champ de Mars-900m*

Eiffel Tower-1.1km

Quai Branly-1.2km

Sights Details:


Rue Cler: This gem of a market street is quintessential Paris.  The mostly pedestrian street is full of sights, sounds, and smells to overload your senses.  If you need supplies for a picnic or dinner, this is a great street to get all the goods.  If you’d rather eat out, there are several cafés worth parking yourself at.  Rue Cler may be the best people-watching location.  You will see some tourists, but you will also see the people that live in the neighborhood (and their dogs).  Walking around this area is a treat.

American University of Paris: Although you may be trying to escape America while in Paris, this can be a useful resource if you are looking for a lecture or conference to attend while visiting.


Hôtel des Invalides: Under the gold-leafed dome you will find the tomb of Napoleon.  Inside the building you will also find the army museum which mostly covers World War I and II, but you can find exhibits on other military history as well.


Saxe-Breutil Market: The market with the Eiffel Tower peaking through is one of my favorites in Paris.  I found the people to be very kind, and the produce to be the definition of fresh.  I found some of the juiciest, sweetest cherries ever at this market.


École Militaire: The military school is the kind of place you acknowledge as you pass, but you can’t really visit it.  If you are in Paris on Bastille Day, you may notice some commotion as they all get ready for the parade.

American Library of Paris: If you are interested in used book sales or author visits, you may want to keep the library in the back of your mind.  Check the events calendar before you go if you’re looking for a little literature inspiration.

Champ de Mars: The sprawling greens are the red carpet for the Eiffel Tower.  Typically this area is filled with people.  Some areas are fenced off, so you may not be able to walk on the grass.

Eiffel Tower: You’ve probably heard of this sight before (at least I hope).  Some consider this landmark to be an eyesore.  Personally, I love it.  I don’t love it so much coming up the Champ de Mars or the Trocadero.  There is a side view that captures my favorite perspective.  You can find out how to get there on the map below.

If climbing the Eiffel Tower is on your list, be sure to reserve tickets ahead of time to save yourself from the never-ending lines.  After going to the top, I still think it looks best from the ground.  My favorite moments are when I’m walking around Paris, and all of a sudden the Eiffel Tower peaks through at me.

Quai Branly: Primitive art is the centerpiece for this museum.  Even if you aren’t interested in what can be found inside, the landscaping is worth seeing.  Plants growing up the walls and a garden surrounds the museum.  It is a unique sight in the 7th.

6 thoughts on “Paris by Metro: École Militaire

  1. Gorgeous photos! This is where I like to stay so I can see the Eiffel tower each night when the lights twinkle. It is surprising that the tower is 1.1 km from the metro stop; no wonder I am thinner when I go home. So much walking melts away the mountains of cheese I eat in France

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