Labor Day in Chi Town

Buckingham Fountain-8806Mid 70s, bright sun mingling with fluffy cumulus equals perfect weather for a day off.  When these moments arrive, one must get out and explore.  I reminisced about my days in Paris as I tried to mimic my routine.  It doesn’t quite work the same when you’ve got a car to park everywhere and the public transportation is not quite as accessible.

The highlight of the day was seeing the Impressionism and Fashion Exhibit at the Art Institute.  It was a great combination of art and fashion.  I never thought about how the fashions of the time influenced the impressionists, but it is so obvious now.  I also loved seeing paintings related to my time in Paris.  Unfortunately, I can’t share the exhibit with you because pictures were not allowed.  Later this week I will be sharing a recommended walk for the permanent collection of the Art Institute for anyone interested.  It is probably one of the best art museums in our country.

I hope you are out enjoying the day!

5 thoughts on “Labor Day in Chi Town

  1. Lovely photos! It’s been too long since I’ve been in Chicago. Too damp and rainy and m-u-g-g-y to spend much time outdoors today on Cape Cod.

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