Guest Posts Welcome

The ThinkerI’ve been thinking about how I can expand the depth and perspective of my blog, and then I realized, I’m the only one that contributes.  Although I’m proud to take all my own photos and share my own words, my views are limited.  This is where I need you to help.

Guest Posting is Right for you if:

1) You have ideas/photos that NEED sharing

2) You are looking for ways to increase readers to your own blog

3) You aren’t a blogger, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have tips to share or stories to tell

So here is my idea.  Send me an e-mail ( with your guest post idea.  If I think it is a good fit for the Liberated Traveler, I will accept and counter with a possible guest post for your blog (if you are interested).  Unfortunately, I can’t pay you, but I can offer to add you to the list of postcards to be sent next summer.  Your article will help with the publicity of your own blog.  I’m all about sharing fans.

Let’s make our world a little bigger and share the wealth of knowledge.

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