Blog Event: Weekly Travel Theme

Travel is a multifaceted experience.  There are pictures, places, people, journal posts, ticket stubs, quotations, art, novels, and the list goes on.  How cool would it be to unite everyone’s experiences with a travel theme?

Travel ThemeThat is where the Weekly Travel Theme comes into play.  Each Sunday, I will announce the theme of the week.  It can range from cities to history to fashion.  The topics are never-ending.  If you can relate to the theme of the week here is what you do:

1.) Create a post about the topic and title it, “Weekly Travel Theme: (Theme Title)”

2.) Be sure to tag your post with travel theme of the week to help people search for your post

3.) Include a link to your blog on the Liberated Traveler’s weekly post to expand your audience

4.) Browse other posts for your viewing enjoyment

Posts can include anything related to the theme.  You probably know that I love photography, but be creative.  Haiku’s, songs, sketches, the sky’s the limit!

I can’t wait to read what you have to share.  Stay tuned for the first theme of the week on Sunday!

5 thoughts on “Blog Event: Weekly Travel Theme

  1. I look forward to seeing what themes come up.. Hopefully, I can come up with something worthwhile.

    BTW, I just happened upon you site, but I’m really enjoying it!

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