Weekly Travel Theme: The Moment

ReflectionsWelcome to the first weekly travel theme!  I thought I’d begin the challenge with what makes travel so extraordinary: the moment.  I bet you know what I’m talking about.  That fraction of time while traveling when your world is changed.  It may have been a person you met that has forever impacted you, or a piece of artwork that brought a new understanding.  What happens in this moment will vary from person to person, but it should be shared.

Remember, any kind of post that falls under this theme will work.  Maybe a photo sums up your experience, whereas a poem captures another individual’s life-changing event.  Design your post in any way that works best for you.  Here is what you should do:

1.) Create a post about the topic and title it, “Weekly Travel Theme: The Moment.”

2.) Be sure to tag your post with “weekly travel theme” to help people search for your post.

3.) Include a link to your blog right here to expand your audience.  You can also encourage others to join by sharing a link to this weekly theme in your own post.

4.) Browse other posts for your viewing enjoyment

I can’t wait to see what you share!  Stay tuned for a new theme next Sunday.

My Moment:

SolitudeOne of the reasons I am so infatuated with travel has to do with the number of times I feel “the moment.”  It consumes me far more often during travel than day to day life.  One of my moments happened two days into my trip across Europe.  I was out walking by myself early in the morning, and I had time to just think and reflect.  It finally sunk in that I signed up for this trip by myself 10 days before the departure, and this trip would transform my life.  I would never find satisfaction in staying at home all the time, or spending my free time being mindless.  I felt the meaning of living life to its fullest.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Travel Theme: The Moment

    1. Oh no! I had no idea :(. WordPress came out with a post about blogging events and that inspired me to start one. When I was looking though their list, there were none about travel, so I thought it would be a good idea… I really want to start a weekly challenge, but I guess I need to do some serious out of the box thinking. Bummer.

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