Travel Journey of the Week: Paris

Rooftops-of-ParisFor the first journey, I thought I’d pick the place that I last visited.  There is so much that can be shared about Paris, so hopefully this will be an easy topic for our first challenge.  What makes the city so great?  Here is how you can contribute:

1. Each Sunday, a place will be set as the theme (it could be a city, landmark, national park, etc.)

2. If you are familiar with the place and would like to contribute, you will write a post and title it Travel Journey of the Week: Paris.

3. Your post can be any medium that works for you; videos, photos, descriptions, itineraries, personal memories, poems, ticket stubs, etc.

4. Finally, be sure to provide a link back here so everyone can connect and share their own take on the place:

Travel Journey of the Week: Paris

Many people try to go to Paris to see it all.  After visiting five times, I have yet to see everything that I want.  So often we are limited on time, and difficult decisions must be made about what to do, and what has to be cut out.  If you are visiting Paris in the future, but don’t know how to prioritize your sightseeing, here are my recommendations.  The top ten list below is based on my personal experiences and interests.  Consider your own passions to determine what will work best for you.

1. Take a Cooking Class- I loved the company, Cook’n with Class because we went shopping at the local markets to find the best ingredients.  From there we developed our menu based on our finds and personal tastes.  It was an experience that will stay with me forever.

2. Walk Along the Seine- The French enjoy strolling, especially in the evening.  Be Parisian, and flâneur your way through the city.  Don’t have a plan on a destination, just walk and take it all in.

3. Visit the big Museums- To save time and energy, visit the artwork/exhibits that are appealing to you rather than walk mile after mile trying to see it all.  In the end, you will have to accept that you can’t see it everything.

4. Walk Side-by-Side with Hemingway- The left bank has a magical feel that is inescapable.  Whether you are winding through the narrow lanes of the Latin Quarter, or looking to meet up with Gertrude Stein at the Luxembourg Gardens, you feel the writers and artists presence in the neighborhood.

5. Climb up to Montmartre- See the touristy streets and square, but also wind your way up the back alleys and streets.  There are so many gems to stumble upon.  If you visit the right areas, you’ll be able to feel the life of this village that artists like Van Gogh and Lautrec breathed in.

6. Hang out at a Cafe- Take your time.  Find a good spot to absorb the life surrounding you.  Let the ambiance be your muse.

7. Eat- Try the specialties of the area.  You don’t have to dine at the most expensive place in town to find good food.  Picnics are a great frugal option packed with flavor.  Look for plat du jours at restaurants to take advantage of the best food of the day.

8. Take a River Cruise at Night- Paris is known as the city of light, and seeing the glow of the architecture is best from the Seine.  Sit back, relax, and watch the lights sparkle all around you.

9. Check out the Marais- The Marais is diverse with the Jewish Quarter, historical sights, shopping, and the gay district.  Grab a falafel and take it to the Place des Vosges to watch people live in the outdoor space.

10. Sit Along the Canal St. Martin- Stop at the local Franprix to grab some snacks and a bottle of wine.  Find a spot on the canal with a good view, and enjoy your company.

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      1. There are two links on my post Melissa, one for your home page and one below the gallery to this page. I guess it just took a long time for the pingback to register! I hope you get more people joining in the challenge – just need to spread the word 🙂
        Jude xx

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