Photo Books Now for Sale

portfolio pictureI’m so excited that Zenfolio has updated themes and products.  Mpix is their primary printing company, and they print with amazing quality.  They are now featuring books as one of their products.  Can you imagine your empty coffee table filled with hand-selected photos that reflect your personal interests?  Or even better, imagine hiring me to travel with you to take your photos, and creating a coffee table book from that ;).  A girl can dream, can’t she?

create a bookIf you are interested in creating a book, I suggest you browse my photos and add to your favorites first.  Then simply select “create a book” and choose what kind of book you’d like.  From there, you can access all of your favorites to compose your book.

Even if you have no intentions of buying anything, I’d love for you to check out my portfolio and tell me your thoughts.  Maybe even leave a guestbook comment if you are feeling super generous.  Some of my favorite moments are when I realize that I can capture an image that someone else would appreciate.  Happy browsing!

4 thoughts on “Photo Books Now for Sale

  1. Wait – so you create a photo book not using your own photos, but somebody else’s photos? And there is a demand for this? Just curious, not trying to be snarky or anything.

    1. I suppose there is because people buy books like this at Barnes and Noble or other bookstores all the time. Not everyone is a photographer, but they can appreciate photos taken by others. I guess it is the same as buying photos from a fine art fair that were taken by someone else, yet it will be happily displayed on the wall.

      I don’t plan on selling any of these books, but if anyone is interested, the opportunity is there.

  2. Great gift idea! I have friends who travel that would appreciate a book of beautiful photos showing some of their favorite sites. I also would be interested in a calendar with your photos.

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