Paris by Métro: One Sight Stops

Waiting for the MetroMy top 10 Métro stops blog series has ended, yet there are some sights that deserve some recognition.  The problem is, there isn’t really anything major to see in the area other than one or two sights.  Today I am featuring those Métro stops.

1. Porte de Clignancourt

  • The Marche aux Puces of Saint Ouen is one of the best flea markets in the world.  Yeah, that is pretty big.  There is a vast range of items and prices.  If you enjoy garage sales or antiques, this place is for you.  The area is a little less safe than some other areas in Paris.  Watch your items carefully.  The first market you will see is not representative of the rest of the markets.  Walk through the first set of white tents to get to the good items.  For great directions, check out this blog.

2. Buttes Chaumont

  • This park is so different from any other park in Paris.  The landscaping drapes over the hilly terrain.  Peaked on the top hill is the temple.  Grand bridges connect areas, as water flows below.  Be prepared to see beauty.

3. La Défense

  • The Esplanade and Grand Arch are a unique view of Paris.  You can easily spend a whole day in this area observing the architecture, shopping, and eating.

4. Château de Vincennes

  • It may sound a bit idiotic, but I had no idea that there was an actual chateau at this métro.  This stop has another sight worth visiting as well: the floral park.  I spent an entire day walking through the gardens and chateau.  I had never heard of either of these sights until I decided to ride the métro to the end line.

5. Porte de Vanves

  • You can probably tell that I enjoy a range of markets.  This flea market is supposed to be a secret gem.  Apparently vendors from the Marche aux Puces of Saint Ouen come here early in the morning to find bargains.  Beat them to the punch by hunting for your own bargains.

6. St. Denis

  • If you enjoy following the royal line, you might be interested in visiting the church that is the final resting place for several kings.  There are a variety of Henry’s and Louis’ to please any enthusiast.

Like what you see here?  These posts have been the stepping stones I’ve needed to start my book.  I am currently working on designing an eBook based on the content shared in the Paris by Métro blog posts.  The posts are condensed, unedited versions for what you will see in the book.  This has been a great place to get feedback and ideas for how to improve my initial idea.  If you are feeling extra generous today and you’d like to offer some tips or suggestions for what you’d like to see, please let me know!  After all, this book is for you.

1. Saint Paul

2. Cité

3. Palais Royal/Musée de Louvre

4. Abbesses

5. École Militaire

6. Saint Sulpice

7. République

8. Opéra

9. Charles de Gaulle -Etoile

10. Place Monge

2 thoughts on “Paris by Métro: One Sight Stops

  1. Cool! You made me want to go back to Paris (even though i hated it last time). I’ve been to that Porte de Clignancourt market and you’re right… not the safest. I’ve heard people can fleece things right off your back and sell it then and there!!! That chess set looks like a stellar find, as does the antique mirror!!!!

  2. Lovely pictures! I was actually petrified of the métro because it was just so overwhelming and confusing for me! Luckily, during my visit to Paris, I was with a friend who has amazing geographical knack for getting around using maps—something I’m so terrible at! You’ve inspired me to pull out my old photo album of my Paris trip from 14 years ago:)

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