New Post: Venice of the North

Brugge 5While I’m waiting for my subscribers to be switched over to my new site, I thought I’d share with you a post I did today about the Venice of the North: Bruges.  Check it out :).


4 thoughts on “New Post: Venice of the North

  1. Amazing photos but it looks like there’s nobody around. I was in Bruges a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with the place, but thought it was one of the busiest places I’ve been to in Europe (and I’ve been to Venice, Prague and Dubrovnik)!

    PS – I tried to comment on your blog, but there was a error with the CAPTCHA

    1. I went out when the sun was rising to avoid people. If I would have taken these photos a few hours later, they would have looked much different.

      Thank you for the heads up about commenting issues! I think I’ve fixed it. I’m learning a lot about self-hosting and coding with this new blog.

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