Travel Journey of the Week: Provence

Gordes2Traveling in the spring is my favorite time to explore.  Since I’m moving my Spain trip to the spring, I thought I’d share another trip that is great to do before the hot summer days set in: Provence.  Share your experiences with us.  Here is how you can contribute:

1. Each Sunday, a place will be set as the theme (it could be a city, landmark, national park, etc.)

2. If you are familiar with the place and would like to contribute, you will write a post and title it Travel Journey of the Week: Provence.  If you’ve already written a post about Belgium, feel free to share it in the comments section!

3. Your post can be any medium that works for you; videos, photos, descriptions, itineraries, personal memories, poems, ticket stubs, etc.

4. Finally, be sure to provide a link back here so everyone can connect and share their own take on the place: ‎

Travel Journey of the Week: Provence

If you’ve never been to Provence, here is a snapshot of a possible itinerary along with some photos.  I included the days of the week because seeing the markets of Provence is definitely a highlight.  Our home base was Avignon.

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Sights to See


Isle Sur la Sorgue

Market Day



Hill Town


Ochre Cliffs


Pont du Gard



Drove Through/Lunch


Old City

Roman Ruins


Aix en Provence

Market Day



Market Day

Roman Ruins

Forum Square

Van Gogh Walk



Maries de la Mer


3 thoughts on “Travel Journey of the Week: Provence

  1. Travel Journey of the Week: Provence
    Don’t miss Les Baux de provence ! It’s an amazing place to visit !
    ( )
    But much better if you have the possibility to stay in the only bed and breakfast in the medieval village which is one famous place with a lot of tourists during the day … Tourists leaving the place at the end of afternoon you will have the opportunity to enjoy this magical place just for you…Unique

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