Liberated Travel

photo-liberated-travelerThe Philosophy

What is the liberated traveler?  When I look at this image by Charlotte Perriand, I think of liberation.  How freeing that must be.  This website is not here to promote nudity or flashing, but that sensation a traveler gets when he or she is released.  We begin to escape from the negativity by becoming the best versions of ourselves.  We are educated through the experiences with people that share core similarities, but live in a different way than we do.  Liberated travel is not a vacation, but a lasting journey that makes us who we are.

This site is designed for anyone wishing to get the most out of their travels.  Age does not matter.  Gender does not matter.  Below you will find some of my core values on traveling.


Be a Local

To me, travel is not laying on a beach for a week.  There are times when vacations can be great, but my lessons will teach about mingling with the culture and gaining the most from an experience.

Solo TravelCaseys-Wish

Be Adventurous

I love solo travel and I encourage everyone to go on at least one independent voyage.  Traveling alone can shape your character and ideas.  It is an enlightening adventure.

​Even if you are traveling with others, you can find ways to make it more meaningful for you as an individual.

ReflectionBudget Travel

Save Some Money

I am a teacher, so budget travel is the only way to go for me.  Although my income is not great, I make travel a priority.

​There are many tips and tricks to saving money with travel.  I will share what I do to stay frugal, but also avoid getting into a situation that will dampen a trip.

Travel AbroadRhineland

See the World

Although my tips will mostly focus on traveling outside of the United States, the concepts will apply to any kind of travel.​

In this series I will focus on ways to travel abroad.  I will cover how to determine where to go and selecting the type of travel that will best fit the destination.

7 thoughts on “Liberated Travel

  1. Love your introduction – mirrors my sentiments exactly. I too am a teacher – retired on active service teaching about travelling independently – rather a similar theme. I look forward to your blog and will likely use some of your ideas in my teaching and at least pass on your blog to interested students. Thanks

    1. Thank you for commenting. I hope that I can provide some worthwhile information. It is all a learning experience for me, so I’d love it if others can live vicariously through me and learn from my mistakes. Where did you teach? It sounds like a class I would love to take!

  2. I teach travel and history at night courses in Ottawa – once at Carleton University in their retirement programme. It is mainly about England and English History.We are heading to Italy in November and staying in Sorrento for a week. Have you hiked on the Amalfi Coast yet? We are in the planning stages and want to maximize our time and opportunities to hike while we are there. Oh my website is not up to date but gives the basics. Need to learn how to do a blog.

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  4. thank you for subscribing to my blog! I hope you wil enjoy the posts and feel free to give feedback or critique when you think it is appropiate! Love your france pictures, beautiful framed and great colours.

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