Make Markets Part of your Plans

If you are hoping to sneak into the culture a bit, markets are open for business.  Markets are great for getting some exercise, mingling with the locals, picking up a bite to eat, or saving some money on souvenirs.  Since we typically rent apartments when we travel, we take advantage of markets to find the freshest foods for our dinners when we eat in.  Even if I am going somewhere for a day trip, I try to plan on visiting during a market day to make the most out of my visit.

Going to markets has changed how I eat at home.  I am now looking for the produce that is in season to take advantage of the fullest flavors.  Let the lessons you learn while traveling trickle into your life at home.

Some of my favorite markets include:

United States

-Reading Market (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

-Madison Farmer’s Market (Madison, Wisconsin)

-Pike’s Place Market (Seattle, Washington)

-Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market (San Francisco, California)

-French Market (Chicago, Illinois)


-Centrale Market (Florence, Italy)

-Arles Market (Arles, France)

-Aix en Provence Market (Aix en Provence, France)

-Rialto Market (Venice, Italy)

-Rue Cler (Paris, France)