Marmottan and Marches

Eiffel Tower 2I took a trip to the west side of Paris for a little culture and market shopping.  My morning began at the Marmottan Monet Museum.  I hopped on the metro to La Muette and walked through a refreshing park to reach the museum.  The Marmottan houses several Monets along with other impressionists’ work and a variety of art.  The former townhouse is a remarkable setting for the bequeathed paintings.  If you can’t get enough of Monet’s water lilies, then you will love this place.  If you are short on time, I recommend the D’Orsay and Orangerie before visiting this museum.  I enjoyed the Monet’s and other Impressionists’ work more in those locations.  (Sorry, no pictures inside, so I can’t share the artwork with you).

After seeing the beautiful color and light of the impressionist style, I was ready to get outside and see some of my own.  I took a walk from the museum up to the Trocodero.  One of my favorite moments in Paris happens when you turn a corner and all of a sudden the Eiffel Tower is peaking through.  Sometimes you turn a corner and it screams at you because you are a lot closer than you realized.  I walked down through the Champ de Mars past the Ecole de Militaire to a market called Saxe-Breteuil.

The open air market has a variety of products, but I went to stock up on my produce.  After taking the cooking class last night, I am ready to do some cooking at home.  A lovely French woman helped me select the freshest foods.  She did not speak English, so we mumbled our way through figuring out what I wanted.  I was going to get peaches, but she said the nectarines were much sweeter.  She helped me select the perfect tomatoes and “bella” lettuce.  I grabbed some cherries that I will candy and put on ice cream, goat cheese, or maybe some pork…  I feel so adventurous!

At this point I was getting pretty hungry, so I walked up to Rue Cler for lunch.  This may be one of the best places to eat lunch simply for the abundance of people-watching opportunities.  It was finally time I ordered a croque monsieur, so I did.  I opted to save a little money and have my cafe and dessert at home.  What a beautiful day to get out and wander.