Travel Journey of the Week: Louvre

I am mixing things up this week by providing a museum as our travel journey of the week.  The Louvre is filled with an unimaginable number of masterpieces.  Let’s share what we have discovered in the former palace.  Here is how you can contribute:

1. Each Sunday, a place will be set as the theme (it could be a city, landmark, national park, etc.)

2. If you are familiar with the place and would like to contribute, you will write a post and title it Travel Journey of the Week: Louvre.  If you’ve already written a post about Louvre, feel free to share it in the comments section!

3. Your post can be any medium that works for you; videos, photos, descriptions, itineraries, personal memories, poems, ticket stubs, etc.

4. Finally, be sure to provide a link back here so everyone can connect and share their own take on the place:–louvre/

Travel Journey of the Week: Louvre

Rodin Museum

hands2The Musee Rodin is housed in the elegant Hotel Biron.  Rodin lived and worked in this mansion.  I love that so many Paris museums not only have masterpieces, but they are housed in historic masterpieces themselves.  The mansion shows its age and use as you hear the wood floors creaking under your feet.  It is like being in grandma’s house, only it has some of the most stunning sculpture that can be seen.

The museum is made of the mansion, garden, chapel, and cafe.  The building is under construction until 2014, but you can still get in and see exhibitions.  My favorite sculpture inside the museum is The Kiss.  If you are short on time or limited on budget, you can visit the gardens for only one euro.  The garden provides a natural blend between Rodin’s bronze statues and flowers.  Perhaps you’ve heard of The Thinker.  He thinks outside in the lightly scented, floral air.  The first time I went to the museum, my camera went crazy over the pristine flowers.  It is a beautiful, quiet area in Paris.  I know I’ll return this summer.