Transferring a Blog to

Blog Log_edited-3The past couple weeks I have been planning and prepping for the big switch.  For all my travel followers, this information may not be as useful as the content in the future will be.  This post is intended for my blogger friends that are thinking about making the same switch I did. is a great way to start a blog.  They host it with awesome support.  There is a huge community that exposes you to other bloggers while getting your content in front of the eyes of others.  Unfortunately, there are also limitations.  See this infographic if you want to learn the difference.  I met with an SEO expert last week and he helped me realize that my current host was holding me back.

Switching from to a self-hosted site was not as painful as I imagined, but it was not perfectly smooth.  I ran across issues with figuring out where to download and connect it with my host.  Most of my images did not transfer even though I checked the button to include attachments.  I almost lost it yesterday when I tried to switch my domain to my new site.  But in the end, there will be a lot more potential with what I can do with my new and shiny blog.

If you are considering the switch, I recommend checking out these resources.  They got me through the process along with the help of my SEO expert.  You are always welcome to ask me for help (even though I can’t promise I have all the answers).


Source 1: Here is some basic, but important information from about switching over.

Source 2: This website shows you how to transfer your blog.  They will also transfer your site for you for free if you select a recommended host.

Source 3: Quick video tutorial that goes through how to export and import.

Source 4: If you’ve registered a domain with you’ll want to transfer it to a new registrar.

Source 5: I use HostGator  for my blog host.  This site helped me figure out how to apply my domain from GoDaddy to HosGator.

Source 6: After your domain has switched over, you’ll want to bring your followers along.

Source 7: There is a chance things won’t go smoothly.  I relied heavily on the forums for support.  They got me through it.

Source 8: Finally, if you are looking for some nice and easy themes, check out Elegant Themes.

Moving on Up

new page screenshotGood morning fans.  I’m currently in the process of switching from to a self-hosted blog.  I’m hoping the changes will be seamless and you will enjoy my updated site.  You can see a preview of the new site in the picture.

Please be sure to like my page on facebook and/or follow me on twitter to keep posted.  I look forward to seeing you in new places.