Transferring a Blog to

Blog Log_edited-3The past couple weeks I have been planning and prepping for the big switch.  For all my travel followers, this information may not be as useful as the content in the future will be.  This post is intended for my blogger friends that are thinking about making the same switch I did. is a great way to start a blog.  They host it with awesome support.  There is a huge community that exposes you to other bloggers while getting your content in front of the eyes of others.  Unfortunately, there are also limitations.  See this infographic if you want to learn the difference.  I met with an SEO expert last week and he helped me realize that my current host was holding me back.

Switching from to a self-hosted site was not as painful as I imagined, but it was not perfectly smooth.  I ran across issues with figuring out where to download and connect it with my host.  Most of my images did not transfer even though I checked the button to include attachments.  I almost lost it yesterday when I tried to switch my domain to my new site.  But in the end, there will be a lot more potential with what I can do with my new and shiny blog.

If you are considering the switch, I recommend checking out these resources.  They got me through the process along with the help of my SEO expert.  You are always welcome to ask me for help (even though I can’t promise I have all the answers).


Source 1: Here is some basic, but important information from about switching over.

Source 2: This website shows you how to transfer your blog.  They will also transfer your site for you for free if you select a recommended host.

Source 3: Quick video tutorial that goes through how to export and import.

Source 4: If you’ve registered a domain with you’ll want to transfer it to a new registrar.

Source 5: I use HostGator  for my blog host.  This site helped me figure out how to apply my domain from GoDaddy to HosGator.

Source 6: After your domain has switched over, you’ll want to bring your followers along.

Source 7: There is a chance things won’t go smoothly.  I relied heavily on the forums for support.  They got me through it.

Source 8: Finally, if you are looking for some nice and easy themes, check out Elegant Themes.

Travel Journey of the Week: Venice

Venetian Parking LotI have a hard time deciding whether Paris or Venice is my favorite place in the world.  I think Venice is winning right now.  I’m hoping to tag on four days in Venice with my trip this summer so I can research for my book: Venice by Vaporetto.  I will be posting just as I did with Paris by Métro, but I will be focusing on the best sights and stops in Venice instead.  I can’t wait to start it!  I’d love to see your experiences with Venice.  Here is how you can contribute:

1. Each Sunday, a place will be set as the theme (it could be a city, landmark, national park, etc.)

2. If you are familiar with the place and would like to contribute, you will write a post and title it Travel Journey of the Week: Venice.

3. Your post can be any medium that works for you; videos, photos, descriptions, itineraries, personal memories, poems, ticket stubs, etc.

4. Finally, be sure to provide a link back here so everyone can connect and share their own take on the place:

Travel Journey of the Week: Venice

This week I’ll share some of my artifacts from Venice trips since I’ve already shared my photos.  What do you do with your ticket stubs?

Here is a video for fun.  A free postcard will be sent to anyone who can tell me the name of the song playing in the background in the first scene.  I’ve always wanted to know what it is.

Travel Journey of the Week

travel journeyIt turns out my idea of a weekly travel theme is not my idea alone.  I was inspired to start a blogging event after wordpress encouraged us to improve opportunities for the blogging community.  I browsed the events, and found nothing on travel, so I thought I’d start one.  Unfortunately, it was brought to my attention that it already exists.  Oops.

I’ve done some brainstorming, trying to think of something that would help me improve as a blogger as well as help our travel writing community grow.  I still want to stick with travel as the topic, but I need to offer a different opportunity with my blogging event.

Instead of offering a theme, I will provide a place.  Together, we will go on a journey by sharing posts and reading posts dedicated to that place.  I’m hoping it will be a great resource for anyone visiting that destination or wanting to take a journey in the comfort of their home.  Here is the plan:

1. Each Sunday, a place will be set as the theme (it could be a city, landmark, national park, etc.)

2. If you are familiar with the place, and would like to contribute, you will write a post and title it Travel Journey of the Week: (Place).

3. Your post can be any medium that works for you; videos, photos, descriptions, itineraries, personal memories, poems, ticket stubs, etc.

4. Finally, be sure to provide a link back here so everyone can connect and share their own take on the place.

The goal is to provide a resource for destinations to visit along with a chance to practice our skills.  I will probably take a guidebook approach to my posts so I can improve my technical writing while including pictures.

This weekly challenge will evolve over time, so if you have recommendations for how to make it better, please share!  This will only be successful if you contribute.  Today’s post will be out momentarily…

Blog Event: Weekly Travel Theme

Travel is a multifaceted experience.  There are pictures, places, people, journal posts, ticket stubs, quotations, art, novels, and the list goes on.  How cool would it be to unite everyone’s experiences with a travel theme?

Travel ThemeThat is where the Weekly Travel Theme comes into play.  Each Sunday, I will announce the theme of the week.  It can range from cities to history to fashion.  The topics are never-ending.  If you can relate to the theme of the week here is what you do:

1.) Create a post about the topic and title it, “Weekly Travel Theme: (Theme Title)”

2.) Be sure to tag your post with travel theme of the week to help people search for your post

3.) Include a link to your blog on the Liberated Traveler’s weekly post to expand your audience

4.) Browse other posts for your viewing enjoyment

Posts can include anything related to the theme.  You probably know that I love photography, but be creative.  Haiku’s, songs, sketches, the sky’s the limit!

I can’t wait to read what you have to share.  Stay tuned for the first theme of the week on Sunday!

Guest Posts Welcome

The ThinkerI’ve been thinking about how I can expand the depth and perspective of my blog, and then I realized, I’m the only one that contributes.  Although I’m proud to take all my own photos and share my own words, my views are limited.  This is where I need you to help.

Guest Posting is Right for you if:

1) You have ideas/photos that NEED sharing

2) You are looking for ways to increase readers to your own blog

3) You aren’t a blogger, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have tips to share or stories to tell

So here is my idea.  Send me an e-mail ( with your guest post idea.  If I think it is a good fit for the Liberated Traveler, I will accept and counter with a possible guest post for your blog (if you are interested).  Unfortunately, I can’t pay you, but I can offer to add you to the list of postcards to be sent next summer.  Your article will help with the publicity of your own blog.  I’m all about sharing fans.

Let’s make our world a little bigger and share the wealth of knowledge.

That’s A Lot of Views!

20,000 views copyI’ve reached my goal before the end of July!  I don’t think I’m going to reach 1,000 followers by the end of the month, but I’m pretty happy with all these views.  My goal is to keep on getting better and better with my writing and photography.  Please let me know if you have ideas of what you’d like to see, or what I can do to improve this site!

Audio Journal

Soccer-CrowdOne alternative to the hand written journal is an audio record.  I tried this last summer.  Sometimes I am so tired by the time I’m ready to fill out my journal at night that it doesn’t happen till after the trip is over.  The longer I wait to record my memories, the foggier they become.  I decided that audio might be an easier solution since it is just like having a conversation.  Here were some pros and cons I discovered.


-It is interesting to hear your tone of voice while you’re traveling

-Works well for those that are natural oral storytellers

-Just need an audio recorder with fresh batteries (mine fits in my hand; smaller than my cell phone)

-Others can contribute to your conversation for a deeper dimension

-Offers a multimedia perspective with background sounds

-Whole days can be paraphrased, or brief snippets can be recorded


-It is not as easy to browse through

-Sometimes the audio can be rather lengthy

-It is more challenging to correct mistakes

-Watch out for rambling

-The dreaded “um” and “like” can sneak in there a lot if you are not careful

After my experiences last year, I think it is something I will use occasionally.  Overall I am finding that a blend between visual, audio, and written ideas makes for the most powerful journal.

Check out one of my shorter audios from the past summer.  As you can see, I sometimes get lost in thought while talking.

If you want to hear more (though I doubt you do), here are the other days I recorded that were short enough to put on YouTube:

Midnight Dip in the Mediterranean

Last year I took a memoir writing class forClear-Water fun.  During our course, we had the opportunity to participate in a 91 word memoir contest.  I didn’t win, but writing this piece allowed me to really focus on what made a particular moment so great.  Now when I read my 91 words I go back instantly.  What would your 91 words say?  Here are mine:

Was it the abundant wine, late hour, or vast sea that made us abandon care?  We surrendered versions of ourselves that rarely escape.  Some removed constricting clothing.  Others seemed forgetful after wandering in with money belts still on.  We embraced the opportunity to be liberated.

Sounds of simple pleasures filled our little piece of the beach.  Laughing, conversations, and the splash, splash of the skipping stones (or sometimes plunk) teased our ears.  Some people drifted off to sea, while others got to know hidden fragments of new friends.  Life is good.